I am an artist who creates narratives with images and creative writing.  My stories aim to be simultaneously seductive and unsettling.   These bodies of work are manifested in many mediums including painting, drawing, printmaking, and artist books.  My process begins with research and observation where I might read other prose and poetry, primary texts, and write down my descriptions of what I see.  Then, I begin to draw from images that I feel are related to my current interests.  Gradually, my images are combined with my text-based subjects and I start to formulate my own fiction.   As I continue this process, my content starts to solidify and I begin to make more serious works where my narrative is more intentional.   In the past, these works have taken the form of a series of paintings or an edition of artist books.  

Formally, I am interested in layering as a way to create space.  In painting and printmaking, I enjoy stacking and juxtaposing transparent paint, ink, and papers on top of each other so that colors can vibrate and suggest depth.  In bookmaking, I am interested in pages that can open in unexpected ways so that facing spreads can offer two different environments at the same time.  

In the past, I have created works that use the anatomy of birds as a proxy to explore my imagination of the Vietnam War.  I have also created prose and images that combined the morphology of plants to Greek mythology so that science and myth seemed the same.  Recently, I have been drawn to the history and current affairs around the South China Sea.  To explore my interests there, I have worked with historical texts and drawn from the region’s animals and plants.  My practice is an ongoing research endeavor where I learn about new things, combine facts, and redeliver them as fiction.